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Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC 
Medical Repatriation Informational Website
Legal Disclaimer

This is a lawyer’s website and, as such, may be considered an advertisement. It has been created for informational purposes only. While all information and material in this website is thought to be accurate, it should not be considered legal advice on any particular topic. Accordingly, you should refrain from acting based on information contained in this website without seeking advice from a properly licensed professional, who is competent to advise you regarding your particular legal situation in your particular jurisdiction. Nothing in the site is to be considered as either creating an attorney-client relationship between the reader and the Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC or as rendering of legal advice for any specific matter. Readers are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own legal counsel.


Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC accepts no responsibility for loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on information contained on the Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC Medical Repatriation Informational website. The Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC hereby expressly disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all liability with respect to acts or omissions made by any and all visitors to this website on the basis on such information.


Lawyers for the Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC are currently licensed in Tennessee and in Texas.  Certifications of Specialization are available to Tennessee lawyers in all areas of practice relating to or included in the areas of Civil Trial, Criminal Trial, Business Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy, Creditor’s Rights, Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Accounting Malpractice, Elder Law, and Estate Planning. Listing of related or included practice areas in this website does not constitute or imply a representation of certification of specialization. Certifications in the areas of Medical Repatriation Law, Administrative Law, Commercial Law, Immigration Law, International Law, Labor and Employment Law, Mediation, Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law, Real Property Law, or Securities Law are not currently available in Tennessee. WE ARE REQUIRED BY IRS CIRCULAR 230 TO INFORM YOU THAT ANY STATEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN ARE NOT INTENDED OR WRITTEN TO BE USED, AND CANNOT BE USED, BY YOU OR ANY OTHER TAXPAYER, FOR THE PURPOSE OF AVOIDING ANY PENALTIES THAT MAY BE IMPOSED UNDER FEDERAL TAX LAW.


The Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC does not offer or represent that your results will be the same as those represented on this website. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is better or more complete than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.  When required by law, the Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC associates local counsel in other states in which its attorneys are not currently licensed.

All material contained on this website is copyrighted by or licensed to the Blatteis Law Firm, PLLC.

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